( Simplify and Digitize your Teaching and Learning )

eLearning is an important factor for the success of any academic institution in this modern age. Do you know your students can continue learning from home unhindered, during this COVID-19?

smile Solutions Inc. has the best and affordable eLearning Platform for you that will take care of all your hassle. You can request a demo from us by messaging our Technical Service Department, using any of the chat services at the bottom of the screen. Our system is affordable and our team is dedicated to giving you satisfactions.

eLearning is a trending issue, every day new tools are being created to to meet the growing demands. We at Smile Solutions Inc. have a command on the latest trends and have an in-depth understanding of the latest technologies you and give you every opportunity to to maximixe the teachers and learners experience. :

  • Features:
  • Video conferencingn
  • Students Portal
  • Teachers Portal
  • Students to Classes/subjects/course
  • School Announcements
  • Students forum
  • Mobile friendly
  • User friendly
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Let us hassle for you. Smile Solutions Inc. is a leading System Development Company in Liberia and is a strong business partner with many developers around the world. An added advantave of using us as your service provider is that we can insure positive results in a short period of time and help your institution to become a house hold name.

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