Eazy Check

( Providing the Convenience that we all deserve )

Eazy Check was developed to provide banks ATM Users, and other services statuses to customers.

We have observed the frustration and inconvenience faced by Banks ATM users. On some occassions, customers have to visit couple of banks ATMs to enable them carry out a transaction. At some point in time, the service is down customers are not aware. This problem most often lead to the waste of time of customers and finances. Eazy Check provides real-time information to customers on the status (ATM Down or Available) of ATMs.

Eazy Check is available on google play store and apple store. You can visit either apple of google play store to download our app. Just search for EAZY Check.

  1. How to Signup
  2. Download our app from google or apple store and search for Eazy Check
  3. Once installed, click the signup button
  4. Fill in the basic information and Register
  5. After the Registration, click the $ button that is on the lower right of your screen
  6. Select the Category of your choice
  7. Input your Control Number (any number) Note: This is used for quick activation of your account.
  8. Click PROCEED
  9. You will instantaly receive an email with the amount per the categories selected for payment.
  10. Your account will then be activated upon payment based on the categories you selected

For support, you can call or whatspp us on +231776812343

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